My Precious Present

Good afternoon, dear judges and my fellow classmates. Today my topic is my precious present.
My hearing is my most precious present from my parents. Yes, you didn't hear me wrong. I just said that my ears are the most precious present. I believe that most people would take hearing ability for granted. But not to me because I was born to a family of silence.
On my four-year-old birthday, after having the delicious birthday cake, my godfather gave me a big hug and told me to be a good girl. Then, one after another, my relatives and friends all waved good bye to me. I didn’t understand why and was in confusion. I just stood there and kept quiet. Before I could ask any question, two strangers showed up and took me away from the people I knew. I was very nervous but I didn’t know what to do. I had a lot of questions to ask but I couldn’t utter a word. All I could do was cry. I cried in the car all the way. Every time when the car stopped at some red light, I had the urge to open the car door and ran away from these two strangers. To my confusion, these two strangers didn’t say a word but they seemed to use their hands to communicate. Sometimes they would make some strange sounds but I could hardly understand what they were saying. They were like aliens to me! I finally got my voice back and asked who they were. But they didn’t answer my question. Instead, they tried to “tell” me something with their waving hands. The car finally stopped and I had to live with these two strangers. I was too little to understand why. Every night I cried to sleep because I missed my godfather and friends. They were nice to me but I was scared. I had so many doubts and questions in my mind but I didn’t get any answer from them.
When I turned five, I became a freshman of a nearby kindergarten. One day, my teacher told me that these two strangers were my real parents. They could not talk to me or hear my words because they were mute and deaf. My parents were afraid that they could not teach me to speak so they sent me away to live with my godfather. It was a tough decision for them because I was their dearest daughter. She told me that I should learn some sign languages if I want to communicate with them. She also told me that I should be thankful that I didn’t lose my hearing ability.
I didn’t quite understand what my teacher tried to tell me except one thing, “these two strangers were my parents and they could not talk!” As I grew older, I began to realize that my hearing is the most precious present that my parents have given to me. I have become my parents’ ears and mouths after all these years living with them. I am very proud to play the role as bridge to the outer world for my parents and I thank them for giving me this precious present.
This is my speech.
Thank you for your listening.

呼殺 the conclusion is 腦海中印象很深刻很深刻的一件事情


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